Shop Detailing, Steel And Precast

van der Meer has extensive experience in providing structural steel and precast panel shop detailing services across many market sectors. We are always seeking new complex and challenging architectural designs that push us to be innovative and strive ourselves in exceeding client expectations. We deliver highly detailed and accurate shop drawings ensuring the accuracy of fabrication requirements, we also provide structural engineering support where required.

Our innovative problem-solving process and stringent review procedures provide direct benefits to the steel fabricator and the builder. To possibly reduce overall project cost saving we can investigate the possibility of various design alternatives to the documented design, increasing the bottom line, and guaranteeing client satisfaction.

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In order to generate time savings and to maximise benefit to the client and the consultant team, the shop drawing procedure is initiated at the earliest stage possible, when the project is still in design phase. Additionally, this reduces the RFI’s required, and results in a smoother transition from design through to construction.