BIM (Building Information Modelling) and Drafting

van der Meer has integrated the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) across a large number of projects, and is recognised as an industry leader in the delivery of comprehensive 3D models.

BIM is not a specific software, it is a process, a methodology. This process forms a digital representation of a project which contains detailed information about building elements, their properties and the construction process.

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This data can be used throughout the entire building life cycle, this life cycle is represented by the following:

  • 3D – refers to the geometry of the building as defined in the REVIT and Tekla models produced by van der Meer
  • 4D – refers to the effect of time against the model, specifically related construction sequencing, scheduling and on-site production control
  • 5D – refers to the financial cost / resources and time throughout the project against the model
  • 6D – refers to utilization of the model as a life cycle management tool

We maximise the advantages of BIM throughout all phases of the project process, and are able to generate significant findings that can benefit project planning, construction costing, time scheduling and building life cycle management. The fast and easy retrieval of the intelligent data allows for ease of communication and integration, which in turn increases overall productivity.